Doing a Pullup Is Not Just For The Young!


Joy Hinds (Jon Hind’s mother) being congratulated by Julie after completing a pullup at the Monkey Bar Gym. Joy is 86 years old!


One measure of strength is the ability to do a pullup. Being strong is useful today and it is even more critical as you get older. While being able to do a pullup may not have much bearing on most people’s day to day lives, having basic overall strength can be the difference between living at home doing the daily routine tasks such as getting in and out of bed, picking the cat up off the floor, and standing up from sitting on the sofa – or having to live in a nursing home with people assisting you with basic needs.

Joy maintains her strength and increases her overall mobility by attending the BASE Yoga class three times a week at the Madison, WI Monkey Bar Gym. BASE uses yoga and strength poses combined with brachiation to create a greater range of motion in people who are chronically stiff and stability in people who have too much range of motion in the joints. BASE is very helpful to undo the damage from our sedentary lifestyles or old injuries.

Joy can often be found hanging from the pullup bar, doing pushups and occasionally she will even be seen playing around on the parallel bars. She is an inspiration to everyone in class and we all hope to be in as good condition as she is when we are 86 years old.

Joy Hinds On Parallel Bars

Joy Hinds Playing On Parallel Bars

  Remember – there is an 86 year old grandmother who can do more pullups than many people half her age. Get working!