Run, jump, climb, and crawl for the rest of your life.

Your body is designed to last a lifetime, are you taking care of it?

The MBG way is simply what humans and all animals have done since we were young…practice daily to evolve all our movement skills to higher and higher levels! We strive to change the world of fitness from being one of isolation to one that helps people and the planet.

Thoughtful, challenging workouts designed for every level of experience.

Results no matter your age or experience

All MBG workouts and exercises are scaled to your individual level.  Safe progressions for those who are older or overweight.  High-level athletes get pushed to the limits with dynamic and skill based movements.

Get motivated and inspired

Work out in a group environment where everyone supports each other, where trainers know you and push you harder, and where you track your accomplishments and set goals.

Getting healthy is not a competition.  At MBG you are pushed to improve yourself and to help others.

Jon Hinds – Owner and Founder of the Monkey Bar Gym

Jon Hinds Monkey Bar Gym Muscles

 Jon Hinds founded MBG in January 2000 as the first 100% functional training gym in the country.  

This was a very daring step to take as all gyms at this time used machines for fitness…not the body! Jon argued that true health is based on the pure intuitive movements of running, jumping, crawling, climbing, reacting and rolling mixed with natural whole body alignment training and plant-strong nutrition. 

Before opening his own gym, Jon already had over 30 years training others at the highest level.

  • NBA and NFL Strength Coach
    • Tony Gonzalez, Wesley Matthews, Howie Long, Jimmy Butler, Kron Gracie (World Champion Brazilian Jiu-jitsu), Antoni Hardonk (UFC Top 5 Ranked Fighter), and over 50 more.
  • Celebrity Personal Trainer
    • Tony Robbins (Fitness Advisor and Part of his Life Mastery Course), Woody Harrelson, Steve Guttenberg, and more.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Luiz Claudio Augusto (since 1994)
    • Gold medal winner at the Pan American games in 200
    • Gold medal winner at Rickson Gracie International BJJ World Championships in 2001.
  • Creator of over 30 patented pieces of Sports Specific exercise equipment

I saw a need to give people a place that was really fun to workout at. A place that did movements that are innate in all of us, 110% functional, and done in a group setting where camaraderie, challenge, and encouragement are as normal as breathing. The way we train at MBG builds individual strength & confidence, and also community strength & confidence….”

Monkey Bar Gym

Our philosophy is based on three foundations that build on one another to produce the most holistic approach in the industry: Natural Training, Restoration Yoga, and Plant-Based Nutrition. By engaging in this “Wheel of Life,” you will learn the skills necessary to rebuild and realign your body, train like a warrior, and eat plant strong. Combined, these three aspects are called MBG3.

We strive to change the world of fitness from being one of isolation to one that helps people and the planet.

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