MBG Affiliate Program

The Monkey Bar Gym (MBG) Affiliate Program embodies our mission  to change the way the world understands health and fitness. Jon and Jess Hinds have and continue to help as many people as possible to learn and apply a revolutionary fitness system;  the affiliate program supports a gym owner’s ability to offer clients the capacity for greatly enhanced levels of athletic performance and daily life abilities while keeping the body pain free.

We have one of the best affiliate programs available.  The program offers comprehensive training programming already done for you – alignment training, restoration, nutrition, strength and conditioning class structures, sports-specific training, videos and notes of training cycles. You also receive ideas and tips when opening your gym,  plus there is the potential to earn money and free training for hosting courses, seminars and workshops.


This is what you will receive as a Monkey Bar Affiliate:

– Use of all MBG Trademarks
– Monthly workouts, both in video and written by Jon Hinds – the programming is done for you!

– Your affiliate will be linked on our site

– Support when opening and running your MBG – You will have support from the Madison WI corporate office plus two very successful Monkey Bar Gym affiliate owners.  We are all happy share what has helped establish their MBG affiliates.  We can help answer business related questions like membership rates, challenges, etc…. 

– A 25% commission on equipment sold through the banner we provide you for your site

-You can host courses, seminars and workshops. Hosting a course allows you to receive two great perks: after you reach a specific numbers of paid attendees in the course you will receive both free course training for anyone you choose (the number of free slots depends on the number of paid attendees) AND a percentage of the of registration fees (again dependent on the number of paid attendees)

The Steps:

Step 1 –

Sign up and pass the CNT 1 course. Testing at live CNT course is included in the price.  For more information and upcoming courses visit here.

Step 2 –

Secure a location to lead MBG classes whether it’s in another facility, your own facility or outside in a park with proper permits.

Step 3

Fill out licensee application and submit to Monkey Bar Gymnasium, Madison location care of [email protected] with a one-time application fee of $250 in the form of check or money order.

Step 4 –

If the application is accepted, fill out licensee agreement.  When the agreement is received and accepted, set up scheduling for monthly payments of $250 for the length of the agreement.  After payment is received and payment schedule is concluded you are considered a Monkey Bar Gym Licensee.  At this time you will also need to get a domain site to attract people to your location and services.  NOTE: All of your trainees are also now eligible to take the CNT 1 course for only $500 each as well.

Step 5 –

Become a MBG Elite Trainer. After passing the CNT 1 if you really want more we offer the MBG Elite 3 Series. The MBG Elite training covers 6 months; Elite candidates will meet over 3 weekends and learn in depth training knowledge that prepares them not only how to teach at a much higher level but also how to lead and teach the MBG CNT level 1 course!!

Ready to become an affiliate?