Yesterday’s video of Jon pulling a car in a back dome was impressive, but this video is incredible. Today Jon pushes a car while in a back dome! I have never seen this done before – take a look:


That is really awesome! Total Beast Mode!

While back domes are very beneficial, they are difficult for the average adult to perform as they require several things:

  • good should mobility/range of motion
  • good lower back mobility/range of motion
  • hip flexors that aren’t tight and short
  • strength in the shoulders and triceps
  • overall body awareness

Most of us lose one or all these key components as our lives become increasingly sedentary. Back domes are one of those training components that would be incredibly beneficial for anyone who sits the majority of the day. We should all try to incorporate several back dome “repetitions” to our routine each day.

If you are unable to do a back dome now, look for a program with steps that you can use to gain the strength and suppleness required. Eischens Yoga uses great progressions to get you to the full pose. Not only can you regain the strength and mobility to do a stationary back dome, but you might also find that the low back pain and stiff you feel every day will disappear too.

Once you achieve the ability to do a back dome, try it moving. If you are really good, try pushing a car for resistance!