I don’t know of many adults who can actually get into a backdome, much less pull a car while in a backdome. Jon Hinds can do both! This is really awesome – check out the video:


I’ve seen many flexible but weak yogis and many strong but stiff and immobile lifters, but rarely a person who combines the best of both worlds.  Jon is one of those pretty rare balanced athletes. He couples strength training, plant based nutrition and both Eischens Yoga and BASE Yoga to be able to do feats like this one. The combination certainly seems to be a fountain of youth and health!

Jon isn’t the only person at the Monkey Bar Gym who can do amazing feats. I’ve witnessed a good number of very impressive performances from adults who were never athletic growing up, nor did they ever play any sport. 300 yard Power Wheel crawls, one arm handstands, cleaning heavy kettlebells while hanging from a pullup bar, cleaning a kettlebell while performing a one arm handstand….the list goes on. Being able to successfully teach non-athletes high level strength/athletic moves is the mark of a great training program.

If you want to know how to build the strength and flexibility to pull a car in a backdome, you know where to find the training program to achieve this dream!