How to pre-hab and re-hab all common BJJ aches, pains, and injuries

All Jujitsu guys have aches and pains

All jujitsu guys do repetitive movements which will cause imbalances in the body: tight hips, back, neck and shoulders.  Over time these imbalances will inevitably lead to an injury.  

  • If an injury is not rehabbed correctly, the body will begin to compensate.  These improper movements patterns will lead to further imbalances causing even more aches, pains and injuries.

Because jujitsu players are constantly training in pain, compensating to do techniques or escapes we cause more pain and huge misalignments in our body.  

So what do you normally do to fix it? Pop some pain pills?  Get some surgery?  Static stretching?  Manual Manipulation (massage) of some type?  Train around it, ignore it, etc.

Static stretching does not create balance.  

Why? Because the body resists a static stretch.  Ever fall asleep sitting up and your head drops and then snaps back up?  That’s your body saving itself from tweaking your neck.  Static stretching forces the muscles to lengthen unnaturally but at the expense of stability.  This creates a loose joint that an injury just waiting to happen.  

Why does BASE work then?

It’s a two-pronged attack:

  • Breaking up scar tissue & fascia
    • Foam or ball rolling  or massage all work to break down your tight areas of fascia (a web like material that covers our muscles, organs and spinal column like a long connected bag from head to fingers to toes). Fascia  runs throughout the body but most people do not know much about it. Fascia gets tight when we’re injured (think scar tissue) or hold poor posture for a long time. This tightness  negatively effects our health by limiting muscle, organ or any movement. 
  • Activating weak muscle with active alignment
    • This puts your joints into their proper position which allows them to function at their full capacity.
    • Improves nerve and blood function due to better alignment and muscle function.
    • Active alignment also will warm the body and muscles up because they are actually actives and firing.  This makes it perfect for warming up for all types of performances.

Jon Hinds (middle), Owner and Founder of the Monkey Bar Gym

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Luiz Claudio Augusto

  • Gold medal winner at the Pan American games
  • Gold medal winner at Rickson Gracie International BJJ World Championships

NBA and NFL Strength Coach

  • Tony Gonzalez, Wesley Matthews, Jimmy Butler, Kron Gracie (World Champion Brazilian Jiu-jitsu), Antoni Hardonk (UFC Top 5 Ranked Fighter), and over 50 more.

Celebrity Personal Trainer

  • Tony Robbins (Fitness Advisor and Part of his Life Mastery Course), Woody Harrelson, Steve Guttenberg, and more.

Learn to Heal Your Aches and Pains

BASE is part of MBG Online. Inside you’ll get access to :


  • Detailed how-to videos for all poses and movements
  • Sequences for different areas of the body
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I’ve worked with computers my entire professional life, and been studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 7 years.  As such, posture and imbalances have been a struggle for me for a long time.  Not focusing on the proper restorative work has led to disc protrusions at two levels in my neck. 

I’ve been attending BASE classes at Monkey Bar Gym, 2-3 times a week, for the past 3 months, and credit it with improving my range of motion and alignment.  A recent MRI showed that one of the disc bulges I’ve been struggling with for 2 years has shrunk, and I attribute part of that to the BASE protocol.  I highly recommend BASE for desk jockeys, athletes, or anyone looking to improve overall function of their bodies.

Arun Subramanian