Are you…

Scared to bend over and tie your shoes?

Are you a weekend warrior or athlete?

Bored of the same old ‘om’, chanting, kumbaya gumby style of yoga?

If you said YES to any of these then B.A.S.E. is for YOU!

B.A.S.E stands for Balance, Alignment, Stability and Extension is over 20 years in the making from renowned experts Jon and Jessica Hinds. Combining Eischens Yoga, Strength Poses and Timed sequences to strengthen your weak links, loosen tight joints, and create pain free movement.

  • Active

  • Clear

  • Assertive

  • Perfect for all ages, Weekend Warriors and athletes alike

  • Creates dramatic change in a short time!


Only $49.95

Immediate lifetime access to the entire digital videos (this is not a physical dvd)

Healing Your Daily Aches and Pains

You get access to 3 follow-along sequences that will relieve common aches, pains, and tightness. 

Hips and Shoulder Pain

Spending hours at a time at a desk, car, or couch can cause massive tightness in the hips.  This 15-minute sequence will open your hips and have you feeling light as you walk, workout and play.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder begins to hurt when pulled out of alignment.  This 10-minute sequence will strengthen the weak links and bring your shoulder back into proper position for pain-free movement.

Upper-Back Pain

Long-term poor posture will lead to upper-back pain that can be difficult to relieve.  This 9-minute sequence will correct your posture, have you standing taller, feeling stronger, and have your back, neck and shoulders more resilient.

Why do you ache?


FACT: Our modern lives force us into constantly poor alignment (posture) that leads to imbalances in the body.  Each ache and pain is crying out for your body to be realigned into its proper position.

Tightness and shortening in one area of the body will cause weakness and lengthening in another.

These imbalances create a vicious cycle of poor posture > aches/pains > worse posture > chronic pain.

Why does static stretching never seem to help?


FACT: NO animal on the planet does static stretching…so why do so many humans do it?

It’s unnatural, our body fights it and it does not lead to balance in the body. It is impossible to create stability in the joints with static stretching.

When you do static stretching, it creates looseness in the joints that can only be corrected by strengthening the antagonistic muscles.

How Does B.A.S.E. Work?

Active Alignment cannot be achieved by the static stretching done by most people. Let me repeat this again…ONLY humans do static stretching!! No other species on the planet does…all others do active alignment movements periodically throughout the day!

Step 1: Specifically break up tight areas

Learn specific manual manipulation techniques that break up short and tight areas.  These tight areas restrict movement and cause pain if left unattended.

Step 2: Specifically engage long/weak areas

After releasing the restrictive areas, you must engage the weak muscle groups to create stability.  This is the only way to bring balance to the body and joints for full range of motion.


Step 3: Perform Step 2 to Specific Movements and Timed Sequences

B.A.S.E. sequences are designed to be short but efficient.  Poses and sequences are done in a timed format to keep you focused without the slow-paced drudgery that comes from most yoga classes.

“This is GOLD!! I was feeling a bit jacked up and I feel unbelievable when doing these sequences. I’m committed to doing this daily. You can’t put a price on your health.”

David J.

Ready to Move and Feel Better?

Only $49.95

Immediate lifetime access to the entire digital program.