B.A.S.E. Seminar

BASED and Loaded – Bridging the Gap Between Yoga and Strength Training

Madison, WI – December 9th, 10am-12pm

Learn how to create balanced, pain-free body for optimal performance and injury prevention.


✅  Want a simple solution to fix/heal/reverse your aches and pains?

✅  We reverse misalignments back towards proper alignment

✅  Improve range of motion without sacrificing strength or stability

What is B.A.S.E.?

B.A.S.E. stands for Breathing Alignment, Stability & Extension.  This workshop combines the benefits of Yoga Poses and Strength Poses into Timed Sequences. After taking this course you will go home feeling energized, invigorated and motivated. 

It is perfect for those who are older, overweight, or injured.  Athletes, chiropractors, massage therapists, yogis, people who are eager to learn and people who want help in living a healthier life.

Learn how to prepare the body for movement when range, load, or speed is involved.  Traditional yoga often creates a looseness and hyper-mobility in the joints. This can be dangerous to athletes and non-athletes alike.  Protect your body and joints by creating the strength and stability required for an active lifestyle.

Finding Weak Links

A weak link in your body is anytime the joints and body stops working as intended.  This might be from lack of proper alignment (rounded shoulders, pelvic tilt etc) or when certain muscles become long/weak while others become tight/short.  This workshop will focus on finding your own individual weak links and learning how to fix them.

Eischens Yoga Poses

B.A.S.E. is about replicating poses that we do naturally every day.  While many yoga poses are impressive to look at, it is often the simplest that are the most helpful.  B.A.S.E. focuses on the fundamental poses with the greatest carryover to your everyday life.

Loaded Movement

The next level of alignment training is adding greater challenge and greater engagement of weak links via partner feedback or loading poses where one is weak… to strength and create overall balance, and to progress people to higher levels of performance.


Madison – December 9th – 10am-12pm – $59

I’ve worked with computers my entire professional life, and been studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 7 years.  As such, posture and
imbalances have been a struggle for me for a long time.  Not focusing on the proper restorative work has led to disc protrusions at two levels in my neck.  I’ve been attending BASE classes at Monkey Bar Gym, 2-3 times a week, for the past 3 months, and credit it with improving my range of motion and alignment.  A recent MRI showed that one of the disc bulges I’ve been struggling with for 2 years has shrunk, and I attribute part of that to the BASE protocol.  I highly recommend BASE for desk jockeys, athletes, or anyone looking to improve overall function of their bodies.


I’m a collegiate athlete that basically had gotten so injured and banged up that I could no longer even lightly throw a ball around without having severe knee and back pain…and forget running….that was WAY too painful. Until taking the BASE class!! After doing BASE 3-4 days a week I was 100% pain free in 3 weeks…I continue to follow the BASE program 3 x week and I’m feeling healthier than I have in years!!! Cannot tell you how amazing this simple routine has changed my life for the better. Highly recommend anyone who has aches and pains or is coming off injuries or just wants to get moving properly again to follow the BASE routines!! Marquise

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