Boot Camp Class – (Conditioning Training)


Think about your goals. Do you need:

  • To lose weight to fit into those clothes in your closet?
  • Increased endurance and conditioning to play your sport?
  • To learn good running technique so you don’t suffer from foot, knee, back or hip pain?

Monkey Bar Gym Boot Camp classes help you reach your goals.

We use functional exercises meshed into carefully designed routines that burn calories, build muscle and keep your metabolism in high gear for hours after the workout is finished. Our Boot Camp classes (the first in the USA that were and still are constantly varied) utilize the proven training methodology known as High Intensity Interval Training. We mix HIIT with speed, stamina, and obstacle course training sessions. The result is a varying cardiovascular training session designed to help you reach your weight, performance and lean muscle targets.

You will use kettlebells, ropes, the infamous Power Wheel, sledge hammers and other high result, low tech tools coupled with bodyweight exercises that involve running, jumping, pulling and crawling. Many of the workouts will be shoes optional.

You will also learn how to run properly. There is much more to running than simply saying “go run”! Running with poor foot /leg/body alignment is like racing a car with wheels out of alignment – you can do it, but it will lead to costly repairs down the road. If you suffer pain while running, this class will stop the hurt.

We apply our alignment training to all our training sessions. Our running, jumping rope, battling rope, obstacle courses and especially our core training movements are the best in the country. The Power Wheel has been proven to be the #1 core training tool in the world. The Power Wheel was invented by Monkey Bar Gym founder Jon Hinds!

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