Hanging for shoulder, elbow and wrist health

The easiest pose you’ll ever do

[brey-kee-ey-shuh n, brak-ee-]
locomotion accomplished by swinging by the arms from one hold to another.

Climbing is one of the most natural movements a person can do.  Our shoulders, elbows, and were all originally designed for climbing and pulling.  This is part of why the basic pull-up is such an integral part of any strength routine.  Even for people who are not looking for an actual workout, adding in Brachation to your alignment and yoga practices is highly recommended.

Getting into the daily habit of hanging out on a bar (brachiation) can have massive benefits for healing shoulders, elbows and wrists.  Naturally realign those joints while improving your overhead position with just a few minutes each day.

Quick Cues: Passive Hang

  • Grab any bar overhead with the hands shoulder-width apart.
  • For beginners (stability level) keep your feet on the ground and weight the hands as much as you can.  More advanced can take their feet off the ground and support their whole bodyweight.
  • Thats it!  Even just hanging passively for 1-2 minutes a set can feel great.  It is ok if you need to break up sets at first.

Active Cues:

  • Pull your ribcage down to open up your chest and shoulders more
  • Engage your shoulder and pull them down away from your ears, pause, and then relax.  This is called Brachiation Active/Passive.
  • Walk (or swing) your feet to the left and release with the right arm for a bigger strength on that side.  Repeat with the second side. This is called Brachiation Tick Tocks.

There are a bunch of other variations you can do well so feel free to experiment! Many of them can be found on our facebook group or right inside MBG Online.

Have any questions about this movement or active alignment in general? Shoot us a quick message!

Full Captions:

Hey everybody Jon Hinds here from the Monkey Bar Gym, I just wanted to give you a really easy way to make your shoulders, writsts, and elbows all feeling amazing!

You can do this at home, on a chinup bar at home….if you are a member of Monkey Bar Gym, or gym anywhere, I recommend just doing this every single day off any bar that you can get your hands on it.

It’s a simple bar hang, it’s a Brachiation. All primates do it except humans generally, but we’ve been doing it for a while here, for almost 20 years, it’s exceptionally good for your body. So all you have to do grab the bar and hang, but it’s a little more than that.

So I got my feet on the ground right now, but even with my feet on the ground, I’m still working to get extension from through my wrist, opening up the wrist, elbow, and shoulders. I take my off and sometimes I push my ribs down… that helps create more openness, but the fact that I’m still holding my muscles are slightly engaged but I’m also getting that expansion, that opening up the body.

So whether you’re on two hands like this, I’m still working even though my feet are on the ground, I can take my feet over to the left side and then I’m getting a little bit more about opening on my right side, there and step over to my right get a little bit more opening on my left. I can take my feet to the back side. I can take my feet to the front side.

All of these angles that we’re doing here off two arms, I could do with one arm as well. Walk my feet over to the left, but instead of just hanging, this time I can either push the ribs down or I can open handed push up into the bar. And that sets the shoulder down, even more.

So we can go passive to active… switch sides… Passive to actively pushing the hand up. See all of these simple movements guys, you can do it in your kitchen, wherever you have a pull up bar or something to hang from and all it does is create space and openness in the body which makes you feel more supple and more light.

And when you feel like you feel ready to go.

If you think back at anytime in your life where you worked out or you play the sport and you felt heavy and just a lethargic, that’s not a good feeling. You probably didn’t perform very well versus when you feel really light and energetic that’s what this makes you feel like.

So I hope you like this simple tip, do it every single day, try all different rotations and angles and it will make you feel great.

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