Butterfly Supine Bridge

To open the hips and loosen tight IT Bands

A better alternative to Pigeon Pose

We spend all day with our hips in a flexed (closed) position, do you really want to spend even more time there? Unlike static stretches like Pigeon Pose, this movement actively engages with your body to give you more balanced results. Instead of closing the hips, you create an extension by engaging the posterior muscles

Quick Cues:

  • Start on the ground with knees bent and feet shoulder width apart
  • Take your left leg and cross it over the right knee with ankle flexed (not pointed)
  • Drive the hips up by pulling right foot to the body
  • Keep the hips square to the floor.  Don’t let the left hip drop
  • Work the left knee down and forward.
  • Hold for 40-60 seconds then repeat on your second side.

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Full Captions:

Hey, everybody, Jon Hinds here from Monkey Bar Gym and I wanna talk a little bit about something that a lot of people ask us… Do you guys really not do any stretching?  No, we don’t do any static stretching, we do active alignment.

It’s different than static stretching started stretching the body fights, in active alignment the body loves and supports it. We do it every day when we yawn and do movements like that but no species on the planet static stretches except human so that should tell you something.

So I’m gonna give you a great example of a way to open the hips up that’s active and it’s gonna make your hips feel amazing, but most people statically try and stretch it and that’s your hip flexors. Most people will try and stretch their hips by you know doing something like this or doing a Pigeon Pose and just really sitting into it. So a lot of people like to static stretch the IT band in the hip trying to open up with a pose like this called Pigeon Pose and they’ll just sit in it and the body is turned off so thus it’s going to fight the stretch. You can do the same things for your body: open the IT Band and open the hip up with a pose we call Butterfly Supine Bridge

So Supine Bridge is a pose where you’re like this, your feet are set. You’re pulling the heels towards your butt and your lifting your hips up as you drive and extend your elbows into the floor. This pose activates your hamstrings and all of your extensors while opening up your hips. It’s an awesome pose.

So all we do here is that we’re just taking this post to the next level. Keep your feet shoulder width apart, you’re gonna take your left foot over your right. Keep your ankle flexed so that’s activating your dorsiflexion here which is gonna help the pose, and then we’re doing the exact same thing. We’re driving the hips up and what we’re doing here is we’re trying to work the knee down and forward, but we don’t want this hip to drop. We want the hips to stay even, so you can hold your hips here as you’re working the knee down and forward.

So that we’re gonna open up the hip, we’re gonna really activate the external rotators to open the hip up and we’re pulling with the heels so that we activate the hamstrings as well (the hip extensors) and we’re still working the shoulders like this. So I’m working the shins forward working the knee out as I’m lifting my left tip. Keep your right shin vertical and that is gonna do an incredible job at opening up your hip.

So obviously you’re gonna do both sides… I’ll show you on the other side. Feet are shoulder width apart, your right foot over (its dorsiflexed) keep the hips square, lift them. I’m working this knee down and forward and I wanna keep my hips square to the floor. So I don’t want this hip to drop down, that’s not how you take that knee down. We want the hips up and drop the knee down and forward as I’m working my elbows into the floor. Keep your shoulders wide. Pull that heel so your hamstrings are engaged and you’re working externally and forward with this hip.

It’s called the Butterfly Supine Bridge. It is an awesome way to open up your hips and loosen up your IT bands.”

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