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“Owning vibrant health is about having the physical and mental ability to do anything you want at any time.  To move freely and adapt to all kinds of different stresses is key to living healthy and happy!”

Jon Hinds

Owner and Founder of MBG

In order to train members for high levels of functional fitness, mental and physical strength we mix all types of challenges into our training program.  

This program is called MBG Undulating Periodization which is the most balanced training program that a person can do in order to adapt to ALL types of stresses life may throw at you. 

Every month we have 8 unique workouts that vary in intensity and training type. This Monthly cycle offers a balanced mix of the following 8 types of workouts, repeat them 3 times a month and then start a whole new cycle the next month. This gives each member ALOT of variety to be excited about new and unique workouts as well as opportunity to repeat each workout in order to gain better technique, motor patterning and confidence with each exercise within each workout.

It’s a simple protocol that is safe and incredibly effective! As each month goes by each member gains knowledge of more movements, gains range of motion, strength and then power!

Strength Training (Body Power)

Pure Strength

  • The most efficient way to gain strength is achieved by progressively increasing workload through a small number of reps with max difficulty and full recovery between sets.  These classes involve exercises such as pushups, pullups, squats, handstands etc.

Pure Power 

  • Similar to the strength workouts, these routines utilize low reps with max loads.  Exercises are generally more dynamic such as Kettlebell Swings, Box Jumps, Muscle Ups and others.

Gaining Size (HYPERTROPHY)

  • These routines will usually have a mix of strength and power movements, but for a higher amount of sets with slightly reduced rest periods.  The main focus is strength / power, yet the reduced rest makes it slightly conditioning based and that is what gives muscle hypertrophy AND muscle size.

Gaining Size, Strength, Power, & Conditioning (METABOLIC)

  • Metabolic workouts utilize strength/power exercises with significantly reduced reset period.  Our 15/15 x 10 Minutes is a classic example that has an equal amount of strength/power and conditioning giving the trainee an incredible muscular and cardio respiratory pump!!

Conditioning Training (Boot Camp)

Pure Stamina

  • The most efficient way to gain stamina is achieved by progressively increasing cardio capacity through multiple sets of 30 seconds or more with short recovery to maintain same workload capacity per set.

Pure Speed (Sprint Work)

  • The most efficient way to gain speed can be achieved with shorter sets (under 30 seconds generally) with slightly longer recoveries…e.g. 1:3-4 for repeats. This is very very similar to pure strength or power training. Lift heavy (run fast…about 70-80%), recover fully, repeat for amap sets of same load or in this case speed as possible.

Obstacle Conditioning

  • These workouts can be done for either stamina or speed, however they have a focus on exercises that get members running, jumping, climbing and crawling.  Perfect training for Obstacle Race training as well as just having fun!

Core Conditioning

  • Members will do heavy amounts of core training mixed with running, jumping rope and light kettlebells as well.

Ready to Start Training?

Schedule your FREE consultation. We’ll show you around the gym, discuss your goals and how the MBG program can help you reach them.

Ready to Start Training?

Schedule your FREE consultation. We’ll show you around the gym, discuss your goals and how the MBG program can help you reach them.

Monkey Bar Gym

Our philosophy is based on three foundations that build on one another to produce the most holistic approach in the industry: Natural Training, Restoration Yoga, and Plant-Based Nutrition. By engaging in this “Wheel of Life,” you will learn the skills necessary to rebuild and realign your body, train like a warrior, and eat plant strong. Combined, these three aspects are called MBG3.

We strive to change the world of fitness from being one of isolation to one that helps people and the planet.

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