Heins Yoga

Strengthen your weak links, reduce stiffness in tight muscles, and create better control in full ranges of motion.

“Heins Yoga is an active alignment based series of poses which in all my 36 years of professional training, brings the most effective balance to the body” – Jon Hinds, Owner and Founder of MBG

Active Alignment (Eischens Yoga)

Static Stretching (Traditional Yoga)

Instinctive, all animals do active stretching vs Unnatural, the body fights by stretch reflex
Increases bloodflow and warms the body vs No bloodflow, no warming effect
Prevents Injury vs Creates looseness in joints

Why do you hurt?

FACT: Our modern lives force us into constantly poor alignment (posture) that leads to imbalances in the body.  Each ache and pain is crying out for your body to be realigned into its proper position.

Tightness and shortening in one area of the body will cause weakness and lengthening in another.

These imbalances create a vicious cycle of poor posture > aches/pains > worse posture > chronic pain.

Why does static stretching never seem to help?

FACT: NO animal on the planet does static stretching…so why do so many humans do it?

It’s unnatural, our body fights it and it does not lead to balance in the body. It is impossible to create stability in the joints with static stretching.

When you do static stretching, it creates looseness in the joints that can only be corrected by strengthening the antagonistic muscles.

How Does Heins Yoga Work?

Active Alignment cannot be achieved by the static stretching done by most people. Let me repeat this again…ONLY humans do static stretching!! No other species on the planet does…all others do active alignment movements periodically throughout the day!

Heins Yoga strengthens weak links through verbal and visual cues as well as hands on partner feedback.

These weak links MUST be strengthened when increasing range of motion, otherwise you risk great injury, aches and pains than before.  This can only be achieved by staying active and engaged when performing poses.

Jon giving feedback to ensure that Jessica is extending through her heel and activating her hamstrings.

Here Jess is helping Jon to extend through the crown of his head.

Jon helps Frank from shortening at the neck by activating his back and shoulders.

Whats inside?

The Beginner Sequence

This simple sequence is designed for anyone who is just getting started with Eischens Yoga.  It will only take about 12-15 minutes to go through and is perfect one its own or as a warm-up/cool-down to a workout.

Partner Feedback Sequence

One of the most unique aspects of Eischens Yoga is the active partner feedback.  This sequence will teach you how to give and receive feedback to enhance the poses and create better activation of weakened muscles.

Warrior Sequence

This is the most advanced sequenced once you have learned the basics.  The time and intensity are increased along with more challenging poses.

Ready to Move and Feel Better?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is balanced activation?

Through the feedback, we activate weaker parts of the body which strengthens your posture.

Why does Monkey Bar Gym only do Eischens Yoga?

Before meeting Roger, Jon had years of aches and pains that no amount of therapy and practice could help Within minutes Roger had Jon feeling light and pain-free from the balanced activation of his weak links.  All other yoga practices focus on static stretching which creates looseness in joints.

Is this a physical DVD?

No it is not. Originally produced as a physical DVD over 10 years ago, it is now being sold as a digital product only.

Can I download the videos?

Yes!  All the videos are available to download so that you can access your content even when you don’t have an internet connection.  However please note that iOS devices such as iPhone and iPads store files differently then other systems and will require some additional work around.  We are unfortunately not able to assist with this procedure.

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