February 2019

Max Effort:

You’ll notice that most of the Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts have two part.  The first one is called Max Effort, and it is designed to go as heavy as possible with one exercise for very low volume. These are designed to challenge everyone to push themselves to higher levels of strength and PRs without having to worry about super high volume or time.

Unless otherwise noted, these are 3 total sets of descending weight (after warming up and working up to your max weight)  Stability should be about 6-8 reps on the first set, with strength/power around 4-6.  After that max effort first set, you drop down in weight, do another max effort set (about 1-2 more reps), and then drop down again for the 3rd set.
Example:  I work up to double 28kg in Military Press and do 6 reps.  Then the 2nd set I’ll use 24s and try to do ~8 reps.  Then 3rd set will be 20s for about ~10 reps.
After the Max Effort part, there will be a second part of the workout usually with different exercises and movement.  There are a few super short MEs with conditioning exercises that are meant to be full intensity such as 100 JRDs AFAP.  We’ll repeat these once in a while so its a great time to encourage people to track their PRs on each one.

Monday – 2/11/19


First: Max Effort, 3 sets of descending level

  • Russian Lunge

    • This will be simply practicing for most people.  Work on getting a smooth and stable motion.

Second15 Minutes, as many sets as possible

  • Kettlebell Bench (10 reps)

    • Stability: 8s – 12s / 16s – 20s (Women / Men)
    • Strength: 16s / 24s
    • Power: 24s / 32s x 5 reps with these weights
  • Kettlebell Curls (10 reps)

    • Half the weight you used for the bench
  • Kettlebell Tricep Extension (10 reps)

Tuesday – 2/12/19

“Descending HIIT”

First:Skill Practice

  • ABC Ladder (Agility, Balance, Coordination)

Second5 Rounds of descending rest, rotating through all exercises each round. First round is 60/50, second round is 60/40, third round is 60/30, fourth round is 60/20, and last round is just 60s max effort.

  • Airdyne

    • Can sub Running in Place, a Rower, Spin Bike,
  • Battling Ropes

    • Can sub Jump Rope, 
  • Burpees

Wednesday – 2/13/19


First: Max Effort, 3 sets descendinging set/level

  • Handstand Push Up

Second: 10 minutes as many rounds as possible

  • Rope Climb (1x up and down)

    • Stability: Assisted Rope Climb
    • If you don’t have access to a rope, sub Body Row at your level x 5 reps

  • High Pull (3 reps)

    • KB Goal Weights: 24s / 32s (Women / Men)
    • Barbell Goal Weights: 95lb / 135lb
  • Chin Up (5 reps)

    • Stability: JGXT 90°
    • Strength : Chin-Up
    • Power: Touch chest to bar

Thursday – 2/14/19


With a partner, complete 4 rounds as fast as possible, alternating and resting while your partner goes. If you do not have a partner, then rest the same amount of time it takes you to complete a set.  The workout has a 1:1 work to rest ratio, so you can go up to 80-90% intensity.

  • Jump Rope Doubles (50 reps)

    • Stability: Alternate Feet Jump Rope (100 reps) backward
  • Airdyne (60 reps, L+R=1)

    • Can also sub Rowing Machine, Battling Ropes, Mountain Climbers
  • Kettlebell Rowers (25 reps)

    • Goal Weight: 16k / 24s
  • Cable X-Cross Ski Pulls (50 reps)

Friday – 2/15/19

“Jonny Rock”

First: Max Effort for 3 descending sets

  • 1-Arm Snatch

Second: 3 Rounds as fast as possible.

  • Clean and Jerk (10 reps)

    • Stability: Clean and Push Press

  • Run (320 yards)

  • Deadlift (10 reps)

  • Cleans (8 reps)

  • Jerks (6 reps)

    • Stability: Push Press

  • Run (320 yards)

Goal Weights: (Women / Men)

  • Stability: 8s – 12s / 12s – 16s
  • Strength: 12s – 16s / 20s – 24s
  • Power:  20s – 24s / 28s – 32s

Saturday – 2/16/19

“Una 600″

Complete 2 Rounds as fast as possible.

  • Power Wheel Crawl (100 yards)

    • Stability: 60 second PW Incline Plane hold
    • Strength: 50 yard PW Crawl
    • Power 100 yard PW Crawl
  • Jump Rope Doubles (80 reps)

    • Stability: 240 Singles
    • Strength: 80 Doubles
    • Power: 40 Doubles forward and 40 Doubles backward
  • Touchdowns  (60 reps, L+R=1)

    • Stability: 3kg  
    • Strength: 5kg
    • Power: 7kg

  • Jump Rope Doubles (40 reps)

    • Stability: 120 singles  
    • Strength: 40 doubles  
    • Power: 20 doubles forward and 20 doubles backward
  • Power Wheel Pike-Ups (20 reps)

    • Stability: PW Knees to elbows
    • Strength: PW Pike ups
    • Power: PW Pike ups