February 2019

Max Effort:

You’ll notice that most of the Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts have two part.  The first one is called Max Effort, and it is designed to go as heavy as possible with one exercise for very low volume. These are designed to challenge everyone to push themselves to higher levels of strength and PRs without having to worry about super high volume or time.

Unless otherwise noted, these are 3 total sets of descending weight (after warming up and working up to your max weight)  Stability should be about 6-8 reps on the first set, with strength/power around 4-6.  After that max effort first set, you drop down in weight, do another max effort set (about 1-2 more reps), and then drop down again for the 3rd set.
Example:  I work up to double 28kg in Military Press and do 6 reps.  Then the 2nd set I’ll use 24s and try to do ~8 reps.  Then 3rd set will be 20s for about ~10 reps.
After the Max Effort part, there will be a second part of the workout usually with different exercises and movement.  There are a few super short MEs with conditioning exercises that are meant to be full intensity such as 100 JRDs AFAP.  We’ll repeat these once in a while so its a great time to encourage people to track their PRs on each one.

Monday – 2/25/19


First : Max Effort, 3 rounds of descending weight

  • Kettlebell Lunges

    • This can be done in the Overhead position, Racked, Or Suitcase

Second : 12 minutes of as many rounds as possible

  • Bent Over Row (10 reps)

    • Goal Weight: bodyweight
  • Tiger Pushup (10 reps)

    • Stability: Knee

Finisher : Reps to the song Flower by Moby . When he says “bring sally up” lift the legs, on “bring sally down” lower the legs.

  • Leg Raise on floor

    • Stability: Knees slightly bent
    • Strength: Legs Straight
    • Power: Feet off the ground the entire song

Tuesday – 2/26/19

“Secret Service Snatch Test”

10 Minutes, as many reps as possible.  Goal is 100+ reps/side with 16k / 24k (women/men)

  • 1-arm Kettlebell Snatch

Wednesday – 2/27/19


First: Max Effort, 3 rounds of descending weight

  • Seated Overhead Press

Second: 5 Rounds as fast as possible

  • Box Squat Jump (10 reps)

    • Stability: Hindu Squat (20 reps)
  • Chin-Up (10 reps)

    • Stability: JGXT 90°
    • Strength: Jump + Negative > Regular
    • Power: Regular > Touch chest to bar
  • Touchdowns (20 reps/side)

    • Stability: 10lb
    • Strength: 15lb
    • Power: 20+ lb

Thursday – 2/28/19

“15/150/1500 + BASE”

First: 40/20 x 3-4 Rounds

  • Overhead Squat

  • Kneeling Table + KB – Left

  • Kneeling Table + KB – Right

  • Side Warrior – Left

  • Side Warrior – Right

  • Bar Hang

Second: Complete as fast as possible with max of 15 total minutes

  • Power Wheel Crawl (150 yards)

    • Max time: 5 minutes
    • Stability: Bear Crawl
  • Jump Rope (1500 reps)

    • Max time: 10 minutes