Part of your Massive Action Plan and goal setting, is knowing where you are at when you first get started.  On Day 1 of the Challenge, you’ll be doing a few assessment workouts to find your numbers.

Strength Test:

  • Push Ups – 1 set of as many as possible (AMAP)
      • First start with regular pushups.  If you cannot complete 1 rep with good form, then do 1 set of knee pushups.  If you cannot do 1 rep, then do 1 set of Elevated Pushups
      • More advanced, add weight
  • Chin Ups – 1 set of as many as possible
    • If you cannot do 1 full Chin Up, then do an assisted using either JGXT or feet on a box

Conditioning Test:

  • 2 Minutes of as many reps as possible of:
    • Jump Rope or Airdyne or Rower or Run (track distance)

BASE Alignment Test –

  • Sots Press OR Overhead Squat – using a stick or kettlebells
    • Your baseline is how heavy you can go OR if not using weight, how low you can squat before breaking form

Body Fat Test –

  • The easiest way to test your body at at home is to use the US Navy Body Fat Calculator.  Use a flexible measuring tape (or a string/cloth with a rule) to measure:
    • Men: Waist (at navel) and Neck (at narrowest)
    • Women: Waist (at narrowest), Hip (at widest), and Neck (at narrowest)
  • Then put those numbers along with weight, age, and height and you’ll get a closer approximation.
  • We also highly recommend taking a before picture with minimal or tight-fitting clothing.  The numbers are nice to have, but what really want to see is visual change.  By the end of the challenge you’ll see some massive differences!