Getting Started with Walking On Your Hands

Learning to walk on your hands takes time, practice and most importantly, a smart progression.

The 3 Stages of Handstand Walking:

  1. Toes to Wall
  2. Heels to Wall
  3. Freestand and tricks

This video covers the very first steps of Stage 1 that ANYONE can do.

Before you even begin, make sure you understand the 3 Basic Rules

  1. Fingers Flat and hands pressed evenly into the ground
  2. Arms straight
  3. Eyes lined up with the thumbs

And no matter what level you are at, make sure to always control up and control down.

Once you can maintain 30-60 seconds without collapse, you are ready for the next steps.  Not sure what the next steps are?  Watch the entire MBG-TV Episode available in our online program.   This was just a small part of the full 35-minute episode. The entire MBG-TV archive is available as part of the program.

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Learn the Secrets of Walking on Your Hands: Part 2

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