Can you kick up into a handstand? Can you walk inverted? Can you pull a car while walking on your hands? Jon Hinds again proved his handstand walking prowess – this time by pulling a car while walking on his hands!

The strength, balance and body awareness that can be built by handstand work is tremendous. Jon believes this so strongly that the different progressions and levels of handstand work are one of the primary movements taught at his Certified Natural Trainer course. The Monkey Bar Gym Madison has a good number of athletes regularly walking on their hands.

Handstand work is great exercise, but you do need to know how to progress into this movement.  Simply being inverted is difficult for many people (watch beginners try to kick up against a wall) as they don’t really know where they are in relation to the floor and their surroundings. In addition, a beginner may not have the shoulder, arm, and upper back strength needed to hold a handstand against a wall. On top of that, beginners are often afraid of falling, so they need to know how to fall properly. Fortunately, there are fantastic progressions and lessons to get people through all these issues.

Inversion work isn’t just for the external things everyone sees – it’s also great for stress reduction, tissue function and stimulating the pituitary and thyroid glands. Handstands should be a welcome addition to your daily routine!

How is your handstand work going? How do you measure up against this challenge? Feel free to leave suggestions, questions or submit a video link to the comment section below!