Founder of the Monkey Bar Gym, Jon Hinds, is 53 years old today!

Jon Hinds is 53 years old! It’s hard to believe that when looking at Jon – he has the body of someone half his age. His belief that you train with smart, sane progressions and correct alignment so you can continue to train well into “old age” holds true not only in his appearance, but also in his athletic performance. Jon celebrated his birthday with a tough workout that took him 56 minutes and his much younger Monkey Bar Gym trainers over an hour to complete. (Honestly, it was pretty awesome to see him beat the youngsters!).

Here’s his birthday workout:

53 Reps each as fast as possible (must complete all the reps in an exercise before continuing on):
-Bar Muscle Ups
-Box Jumps (24″/30″)
-Diamond Pushups
-Strict Chin Ups
-Strict Dips
-Kips (Kipping Pullups)
-Jump Rope Doubles
-Hindu Pushups
-Broad Jumps with 20lb/40lb vest (53 yards)
-Power Wheel Crawls with 20lb/40lb vest (53 yards)

Jon finished this tribute to power, strength, conditioning and grit in 56 minutes…many minutes ahead of his young, strong and athletic  staff. Jon is a trainer who walks the walk and continues to thrash people half his age. Lots of respect!

A side note: this was a nasty workout. Everyone expected that the 53 Bar Muscle Ups would make the remaining chin ups & pull ups, dips & pushups tough. The big surprise was the Power Wheel Crawl. All of us having been practicing daily for the 1 mile Power Wheel Crawl Challenge, so we usually know when we will hit the wall.  Each one of us were stopped early not by core fatigue but tricep fatigue. We literally could not hold ourselves up for very long without crashing to the ground! This block of 53 yards took much longer than anticipated.

Happy Birthday Jon! We hope you enjoy the day and aren’t too sore tomorrow!

After the Jon Hinds Birthday Workout

Sweaty and Tired After the Jon Hinds Birthday Workout