JGXT Runners

Quick Exercise for Balancing the Hips

Create balance in the hips while improving extension

We are always looking for ways to create balance in the body while strengthening the weak links.  Recently we showed you how to open up the IT Bands with an active stretch called Butterfly Supine Bridge.

Today’s movement does two things.

  1. Exposes you have imbalances between the left and right hips
  2. Helps you work to improve those imbalances by strengthening weak links

All you need is a JGXT (or other suspension trainers like gymnastic rings, straps etc) and a bar to hang it from.

Quick Cues: JGXT Runners

  • Attach the handles to a single strap (usually they are on two different straps) and hang over a bar.
  • Raise the handles about 4-6″ off the ground and put your heels in.  The more you are under the bar the easier it will get.
  • Lift the hips off the ground and flex the feet (pull the toes towards the head)
  • Slowly pull one leg into the body while maintaining level hips and feet, then repeat on the second side.
  • Repeat for 10-20 reps/side
  • You can add speed if you are able to maintain extension and level feet.

There are a bunch of other variations you can do well so feel free to experiment! Many of them can be found on our facebook group or right inside MBG Online.

Have any questions about this movement or active alignment in general? Shoot us a quick message!

Full Captions:

“Hey everybody, Jon Hinds here from the monkey bar gym and let me guess… your hips are ****** up?  What a surprise, nobody else, hahaha.

Everybody has got messed up hips.  So here is a really simple exercise that you can do at home.  If you’ve got a Jungle Gym it’s a simple exercise to do.  You’re gonna take your Jungle Gym and instead of having each strap independently connected to the bar.  You’re gonna run one over and connect it to the other Jungle Gym strap just like I did here.

What this is going to give you the ability to do is one of the best hip balancing exercises that you will have ever done.

Its basically like Supine Bridge where we have the legs curled like this, but then I’m going to extend (alternating) my legs.  We call these runners.  The beauty of this is that if you have an imbalance in my hips…. you see how my leg dropped?  Then you’ll find that the strap, because it will slide, it iwll show you your imbalances.

If you have balance in your hips, you’ll do the runners no problem.  we can do all types of drills like this…. we can do pauses… or we can just run like so.

Your objective is to keep the stirrups in balance, and that shows that you have balance in your hips. But also, we’re working that hip extension big time in an active manner, that will make your hips feel lighter and your legs more feel balanced.  It’s just a win-win exercise.

Hope you guys like this a lot!”