5-Minute Sequence for Improving Backdome

Backdome is one of the most important movements a person to do to show health of body, hips, shoulders, wrists and ankles.  Almost 100% of people that do backdome, collapse in it.  Static stretching often leads to looseness in the joints and further collapse.

When doing BASE poses, you should always be able to breathe comfortably through the nose only.  If you cannot then you are probably fighting the pose and forcing it.

Start out by testing your baseline backdome.  There are 4 different ways to test before doing it from the floor.

  1.  Supported Off a slant board
    1. Great if you have super tight shoulders and back.
  2. Using stall bars
  3. Off a wall
  4. Using stairs as a support

Wrist 60s – 10 reps each direction

  • Spread the weight evenly across the entire palm of the hand.
  • Straight line all the way from fingers to shoulders
  • 10 reps with fingers forward > 10 reps with fingers out > 10 reps with fingers towards the body
  • Start on the knuckles with the hand in a fist; 10 reps with fingers in > 10 reps fingers back > 10 reps fingers forward.

1-Arm Open Ups – 10 reps each arm

  • Start with the hand slightly lower than your initial test, fingers pointing down
  • Put your hand just outside of your hip
  • Push your hip away from the wall
  • You must maintain a straight arm and straight legs
  • Do not let you shoulder sink, stay extended while actively pressing into the wall
  • Close the armpit as your rotate around the arm (the shoulder and arm should not be moving in space)

When you have problems going overhead your shoulder blades will often wing-out because of tight chest and internally rotated shoulder.  Supine Bridge is one of the best ways to get your shoulders to sit back and down, especially if you can get partner feedback.

Supine Bridge

  • As you extend the hips, pull the heels back towards the rest of the body
  • Drive the elbows and shoulders into the floor.
  • A partner can resist and at the palms and wrists

In Eischens Yoga, we put a focus on pulling the heels towards the body.  This wakes up the backside more.  Focusing tailbone down and towards the calves helps to keep the hips neutral and open the hips up.

Now we are going to do a similar pose, but a slightly different angle.


  • Spread the fingers as wide as possible with the middle finger pointing straight ahead.
  • Forearms are parallel.
  • Lengthen through the crown of the head.
  • Pull elbows towards the hips AND inwards towards each other.
  • Open the chest as you lengthen through the head.
  • Avoid any collapse in the neck and low back.

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