Jon Hinds – Owner and Founder of the Monkey Bar Gym

Jon Hinds Monkey Bar Gym Muscles

“I saw a need to give people a place that was really fun to workout at. A place that did movements that are innate in all of us, 110% functional, and done in a group setting where camaraderie, challenge and encouragement are as normal as breathing. The way we train at MBG builds individual strength & confidence, and also community strength & confidence….

We inspire people to inspire others. This not only reflects one person to another, but it also spreads into helping our community and on a larger scale, the planet. I encourage Plant-Based Nutrition, but I don’t push it. My goal is to get people to reduce carbon emissions and global warming, which can be done by eating locally and by eating more plant-based foods. People helping Planet.

The yoga we use in our training, Eischens Yoga, involves People Helping People through partner feedback. Rodger Eischen, my friend and mentor, taught me some of the most profound and yet simple techniques to engage weak muscles in the body and dramatically improve the alignment of the human body… I continuously strive to help people help themselves, others, and the planet!”