Start Your Day with this Simple Sequence

In a perfect world, we’d all sleep the entire night in Supine Mountain.  Legs and arms out straight, palms up, extending through the crown, hips and back neutral etc.

Keep dreaming, because in reality most of us sleep closer to this:

And if you’ve ever tried to change how you fall asleep, you probably found it near impossible.

No matter how cranky our body feels in the morning, we all have that perfect position that feels soooo comfortable at night.

Ideally, we’d all get up and do an hour of yoga every morning. But that is just not realistic for the majority of people. Whether you have kids that need to get out the door, a demanding job that starts at 6am, or it takes 2 pots of coffee to even start thinking about exercise.

So what is a busy person supposed to do?

Here is Jon’s super quick (but powerful) Morning Routine to get you feeling great and ready for the day.

1. Bar Hang (30 to 60 seconds)

  • Keep your feet on the ground to make it easier
  • You can be as active or passive as you want

2. Side Warrior (30 to 60 seconds on each side)

  • Use a wall if you can to get instant feedback
  • Back foot at 45°
  • Front knee is over the ankle driving forward
  • Arms are out wide; try to get the shoulders to the wall if you can
  • Pull the back hip towards the wall (without letting the front leg and knee move)

3. Half Moon (30 to 60 seconds on each side)

  • Front foot is about 4″ from the wall
  • Lift the back leg with the goal of getting into a T-formation.
    • If this range is too challenging, its ok to only go to 45°.  The focus is on a straight line from head to heel.
  • Arms are out wide as you work the shoulders and hands into the wall
  • Stay lifted through the whole body
    • Don’t let the body sag!  Stay active.

4. Repeat as time allows


Whether you go through the sequence once, twice or 10 times, its a guarantee you’ll be starting your day out feeling better.

How do you want to walk out of your house in the morning?

Want to learn more about these poses?  Our BASE Program includes full breakdowns of these poses, 3 more complete sequences with videos of Jon leading classes, integration of fascial release techniques, and access to experienced trainers to answer all your questions.

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