Jump Rope 101

How to Get Started Jumping Rope

3 Quick Tips to Start Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get started with your conditioning.

However, it can be both intimidating for beginners and cause some aches and pains for those who are overweight or already dealing with some misalignments.  The first part to getting your Jump Rope technique down is getting your starting position correct.

Proper Starting Position

  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Stay on the front half of your foot so that your heels are just lightly touching
  • Knees are slightly bent but still standing tall
  • Arms are out to the side (about ~8 from the hips)
  • Ensure the rope is the correct length.  Step on the rope with 1 foot and bring the handles to the to the armpits.

Invisible Jump Rope

If you are overweight, a complete beginner, or just feel too undercoordinated… the invisible jump rope is a perfect step to take.  Oftentimes trying to get the form right with the feet is too difficult when actually using a rope.  This way you can practice your form without having to worry about messing up.

Keys to Invisible Jump Rope

  • No rope required!
  • Keep hands in the correct position
  • Start by lightly shifting weight from one side to another
  • Keep toes lightly on the ground, only lifting the heels up

This will help you acclimate your body to the compound effects of jumping rope.

Jump Rope Twirling

  • Take the JR to the side and begin making figure eights
  • Let the torso rotate slightly
  • Keep hands at waist height
  • Add double twirl, side to side for fun once you have the basics down

Once you have adapted to these basic tips for up to a month or more, you can begin to challenge yourself further with standard jumping rope, alternate feet, single leg, and eventually doubles.

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