The Power Wheel is a Hit with Kids of All Ages!

I had just completed my 100 yard uphill Power Wheel Crawl  when I noticed a couple kids eyeing that curious tire attached to my feet with  interest.

I’m sure it had to be pretty funny watching a 53 year old woman doing a planked crawl along the sidewalk with a Power Wheel attached to her feet (I mean, how often do you see something like that?) – so I asked the kids if they wanted to give it a try. Nico immediately strapped the wheel on his feet and took off, crawling both forward and backward with little effort. He’s a very athletic 10 year old, playing street hockey and baseball every night. He also practices hitting baseballs and running bases by himself for hours – he’s a very motivated young man. Nico must have done 6 crawls in a row, and he crawled more strongly and for more distance each time. This kid is amazing! He’s going to be a great athlete regardless of what sports he chooses.

Power Wheels Crawls by Nico

Nico doing Power Wheel Crawls

Nico’s little sister Mirella wanted to play too, and did the crawl wearing pink cowboy boots. She also did a LOT of rollouts for fun. Mirella loves pink and loves dance class.

Mirella with Power Wheel

Mirella having fun with the Power Wheel

Soon Dad stopped mowing his lawn to join in the fun. Tony crawled up and down the driveway several times. The kids (and Stella the dog) loved it! I also discovered Tony used to walk on his hands all the time – now that’s really cool!

Dad doing the Power Wheel Crawl

Tony doing the Power Wheel Crawl

I learned the Power Wheel Crawl will not only strengthen your core and increase your conditioning, but it will grant you the reputation for being one of the more interesting (and crazy) people in the neighborhood…plus you can become the neighborhood kids’ best friend with the best toy!