Jon Hinds, owner and founder of MBG

The Classes

The MBG Strength Training Classes are called Body Power which constantly rotates between pure strength and/or power and metabolic training sessions. Expect to learn how to jump on boxes, climb on ropes, crawl across the floor, walk on your hands and much more

Our Conditioning Training classes are called Boot Camp and constantly rotate between agility, speed, stamina, core and metabolic conditioning.  Expect to learn how to run properly, how to jump rope (one of the single best conditioning tools in the world taught directly by one of the originators!), learn agility ladders and much much more!

You can find the full schedule right here.

BASE and Eischens Yoga

These classes are 100% about getting you healthy and happy! We all have mis-alignments, aches and pains and nagging injuries that slow or completely stop our ability to enjoy life, exercise or do any activity we like. We also integrate BASE and Yoga directly into our fitness classes.  We will often either warm-up or cool-down a sequence of poses/movements that tie into the exercises from that class.

Some of the most common poses you will see:

  • Supine Bridge
  • Front Warrior
  • Prone Mountain


Although we do put a huge emphasis on using bodyweight exercises and movements in the classes, we do supplement with the use of kettlebells.  When performed correctly they are an amazing tool to improve strength, stability, power, conditioning.

Here are some of the most common KB exercises you will see:

  • KB Swing
  • KB Clean
  • Snatch

5 Keys to Seeing Improvement

  1. Keep track of workouts specific to your goal.
  2. Plan next workouts based on results
  3. Always have and work towards a bigger or more fun goal
  4. No cheating!  Never fatigue or failure reps.
  5. Be patient.  Keep the momentum!