How to Maximize Your Training With Minimal Equipment: KB Cleans and Snatches

How do you train if you don’t have access to a bunch of equipment? How do you make a kettlebell clean heavier if you only have a light kettlebell?

Whether you are traveling, training at a gym with limited selection, or training at home and don’t want to spend $1000+ on dozen different sizes, it’s important to be able to modify the exercise to make sure you are properly challenged.

  • [0:44] The first baseline – basic KB Clean
    • Standard cues for the easier version of the Clean
  • [1:40] Dead Clean
    • No momentum, straight from the ground
  • [2:20] Hang Clean
    • Take away range of motion
    • Small bend of the knee, requires much stronger hip extension
    • Want to emphasize the upper body?  Don’t even use the legs.
  • [3:07] Power Cleans vs Regular Cleans
    • Different finish position between the two
    • Same progressions for the regular and power
  • [4:50] The goal of the KB Clean
    • The focus is the hip extension
  • [6:10] Transitioning to the KB Snatch
    • Hip flexors and quads = short muscles = tight and inefficient
    • Dead Snatch > Hang Snatch
  • [8:08]  Dropping under the bell for the Snatch
    • Tons of speed required!
    • Extra range of motion is paramount
  • [10:35] The Bottoms-up KB Clean
    • Requires better alignment and stability
    • Can use the same progressions for challenge
  • [12:45] Review