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About Our Monthly Membership

New workouts every month

112+ How To Videos

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Movement sequences to heal

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About Our Monthly Membership

Recurring monthly payments. You get access to the full library of online information including training plans, workouts, videos, private facebook group and more.


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Avoid and prevent injuries

  • Detailed videos to ensure you have perfect form
  • Exercise progressions designed for your exact level
  • Yoga and BASE videos to improve your balance and alignment

Never get bored or stall in your progress

  • New workout programs added every month
  • Variations depending on your level, goals and equipment.

Save time and develop consistency despite your busy schedule

  • Step by step how-to workout descriptions take out all the guesswork
  • Programs designed for the exhausted and swamped
  • Quickly see results and make progress

Workouts for any age or level

  • Workouts appropriate for older, overweight, or injured
  • Fitness assessment to find your starting point
  • All exercises scaled to your level, so you never have to worry

Get access to all the information you need

  • See the workouts on your PC, Mac, or mobile device.
  • Warmup, workout, finisher, cooldown all in one place. No guessing.
  • Training, nutrition, and restoration combine for the most dramatic results.

Daily support

  • Jon and MBG’s most experienced trainers are there to answer your questions
  • Join the private Facebook to connect with other members and share stories

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Lost 55lbs of fat and gained 15lbs of muscle in 6 months!

“Regardless of your current fitness level, whether you are a high-level athlete or have never worked out in your entire life, the Monkey Bar Gymnasium will be a welcoming place that will accommodate any injuries or weaknesses that you have, and will ensure that you are challenged and constantly progressing towards your own personal goals.”


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