How about losing 17.3lbs of fat and gaining 5.4lbs of muscle in 60 day?!!

The MBG Online 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge is a TOTAL Live With get in amazing shape program:

  • How to Train to Gain the GOALS you want to achieve…Fat Loss, Get Ripped, Feel Great!
  • Expert instruction on every exercise, every day!!
  • Clearly creating a Menu Specific to your Goals and Needs to achieve your goals!!
  • Fixing AND Re-aligning your body to relieve tightness and create healthy movement
























Start Date: TODAY

  • Get access immediately after signup.  The earlier you register, the more free classesyou get!

Cost: $79

  • 2 months of ONLINE TRAINING, BASE alignment and balance sequences and Nutrition specific to fit your goals!
  • 3x body composition assessments
  • Nutritional assistance



Online 60 Day Challenge

Not in Madison?  Join the MBG Online 60 Day Challenge and train at home or your local gym. You’ll get a complete training program that tells you exactly what to do every single day, from workouts to recovery and nutrition.

  • 60 Day of Training – A complete breakdown of exercises with video library and progressions for all levels.
  • 60 Day of B.A.S.E. (Active Alignment) – Each day includes B.A.S.E. sequences to heal aches and pains and prevent injuries.
  • 60 Day of Plant-Strong Nutrition – Recipes handpicked for your goal, whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, or maintenance.
  • Private Facebook Group with an active community to help and support you the entire way.

Cost: $79

The first thing that we do with all Challengers is help create your MAP or Massive Action Plan.

Specific Plan Based on Your Goals

1. Pick Your Goal
2. Find your baseline body composition and physical evaluation.
3. Set Training Schedule<
4. Make nutrition adjustments
5. Follow your live-with plan for 60 days
6. Reach your goals!


I'm new to training at a gym, is the challenge for me?

Absolutely!  The 60 Day Challenge is the perfect way to get started even if you have no experience.  Our entire program is designed to walk you through step by step on how to begin training, how to create better nutritional habits, all while making sure you stay on track and make progress.

Is the Challenge only for people who want to lose weight?

No.  Participants have a huge range of goals including weight gain (muscle), improved sports performance, rid the body of aches and pains, and even to just get moving.  The Challenge will be tailored to your specific goals.

I am unable to make it the first day, can I still participate?

Yes, although it is beneficial to start on the first day, we understand that not everyone can make it in on a Saturday.  You are still able to participate fully in the rest of the challenge.

How is the Challenge different than a regular membership?

In the Challenge you will be receiving a lot of extra attention of our expert trainers including performance assessments tailored to your goals ($60 value), personalized goal setting ($60 value), 3x body composition assessments ($75 value), nutritional guidance ($60 value), and access to expert trainers ($100).  Added up this equates to over $350 savings!

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“The challenge really re-set our whole way of thinking about each day, from workouts to meals to bedtimes… When all was said and done, after 60 days I had lost 23 lbs of fat and gained 9 of muscle. Stefan had similar results… Our friends and family asked if we were going to continue at MBG after the challenge, and I honestly can’t imagine how we would have walked away from it at that point.”

Lindsay and Stefan


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