Personal Training

Jon Hinds’ Summer
Vertical Jump, Strength, Speed & Conditioning Program

June 17th to August 9 at 9am M W F 
(sessions are 60-70 minutes in length)

The DEtails

Want to add 8” to your Vertical?
Want to be train with the #1 Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach in the State?

Do you want to improve your vertical, strength and conditioning for your sport this summer? The monkey bar gym is the place to do it with former NBA strength coach and jump training expert Jon Hinds. Jon has trained over 24 NBA All Stars, has taken multiple players verticals (high school, college, and pro) from low 20 inch verticals to high 30”s and even into the 40-inch vertical range including his own from 25” to an amazing 47”!






Strength Sessions: 


Choose one timeslot to meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week.

  • Group 1: 8:45 am M W F 

15 per group maximum….
There are no make up sessions unless we do have an afternoon group and the athlete who misses the morning workout can then do the afternoon one instead…



Greatness is proximity to greatness.

Train with the best in Wisconsin.

The coaches

Jon Hinds – Strength

3x Strength, Jump and Speed with Jon Hinds

  • Jon’s athletes average an improvement of 8” Vertical Jumps off 1 and 2-leg in just 10 weeks!!!
  • Decrease Shuttle time by over 2/10 second
  • Improve full-body Strength and Speed by 25-50%
  • Former NBA strength and conditioning coach
  • Took his own vertical jump from 25″ to an astounding 47″ in a year and a half
  • #1 jump training coach in the country
  • Averaged 8″ or more for every athlete in the last 20 years

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