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Strong, Pain-Free Athletes At Any Age

The most detailed online fitness programs… Period.

  • Complete programs for specific goals.  Functional Training + Alignment + Plant-Strong Nutrition.
  • Every detail you want: warm-ups, workouts, cool-downs, how-to videos, webinars, and community.
  • Heal aches and pains with sequences designed to improve your alignment, mobility, and stability.

Don’t waste another minute, start training today.

Annual Membership

$250/year (Save $50!)

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Step 1: Pick Your Program

Each program includes:

  • Video explanation lays out your Training, Alignment and Nutrition plan.
  • Physical and body fat tests to find exactly where you’re at today.
  • A live-with training schedule for consistent progress towards where you want to go tomorrow.
  • BASE/Alignment sequences to keep your body balanced throughout the process.
  • Nutrition Plan that fits your program and accelerates results.


  • Each workout includes a detailed explanation, warm-up, exercises with progressions, demonstration videos.
  • Alignment/BASE integrated into the programs to heal aches and pains and avoid injury.
  • Clear progressions to ensure improvement every session.
  • Exercise library with 110+ videos and growing.


  • Heal aches and pains from your daily life with focused alignment, mobility, and stability.
  • Increase range of motion and lower risk of injury with exclusive BASE and Eischens Yoga sequences.
  • Avoid burnout with recovery built into every program.

It’s time to reach your goals, start your training today.

Annual Membership

$250/year (Save $50!)

Monthly Membership


New Programs Every Month

New programs and workouts added every month.  Follow along with our 10 MBG locations or pick a program specific to your goal.

World Class Coaching

Follow the programs that Jon Hinds has developed over 37 years as a gym owner, NFL and NBA strength coach, and gold medal winner in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Consistent Progress

Sane progressions and intelligent programs create progress each and every week you train.

Daily Support

Access to Elite trainers to answer any and all questions about the programs, exercises, yoga and more to remove all guesswork.

Heal and Recover

Eischens Yoga and BASE are integrated directly into the programs to ensure proper recovery and healing aches and pains.

Nutrition Guidance

Simple Plant-Strong meal plans and recipes to support your training and get you lean and strong.

Success Stories


“Regardless of your current fitness level, whether you are a high-level athlete or have never worked out in your entire life, the Monkey Bar Gymnasium will be a welcoming place that will accommodate any injuries or weaknesses that you have, and will ensure that you are challenged and constantly progressing towards your own personal goals.”


“Hey guys I can’t thank you enough for getting me out of the routine and introducing me to kettlebell and bodyweight training. Since I discovered your website It changed my life, physique and physical condition.”


“I’ve had an exponential growth in strength and power since I’ve started the MBG workouts. As a small, female Krav Maga instructor, strength and conditioning are of the utmost importance. Even my students have noticed when holding pads for me that my strikes are stronger. Also, very importantly, my aches are less.”

Your success story begins here, start your training today.

Annual Membership

$250/year (Save $50!)

Monthly Membership