3 Simple Movements for an Outdoor Workout

Whether you are traveling without access to your normal equipment or maybe you just want to enjoy the weather, sometimes an outdoor workout just hits the spot.

Today Jon talks about a simple workout that he loves to do at a local park.

Bar-Barian Playground Workout

  • Side to Side Pushup (Reps = 5 to 1)
    • You can use a log, park bench, steps, etc
    • Beginners: Put hands on log/bench
    • Advanced: Put feet on log/bench
  • Cliffhanger (Reps = 10 to 2, even numbers only)
    • If your park does not have a cliffhanger bar, then substitute any Pull-Up variation
    • Beginner: Alternate arms
    • Advanced: Jump with both arms at the same time
  • Step Up (Reps = 10 to 2, even numbers only)
    • The key is to step the foot way back so that you get thigh to calf
    • This improves dorsiflexion of the ankle and you get way more activation of hamstrings

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