C1 – Partner Card Deck


Draw from a deck of cards.  Each suit corresponds to an exercise.  The number on the card indicates how many reps you do.  Draw two at a time going through the deck as fast as possible.

  • Hearts – Partner Sit Up and High Five
  • Diamonds – Partner Touch Downs
  • Clubs – Partner Leg Raise
  • Spades – Incline Plane Hand Slaps x3


All exercises can be easily modified if you do not have a partner.

You can either draw the cards randomly each time you do this workout OR write down the order and try to improve that way.


BASE #1 –  40/15  x 1–4 times

  1. Prone Mountain with stick over head
  2. Kneeling Table Left
  3. Kneeling Table Right
  4. Front Warrior Left
  5. Front Warrior Right
  6. Bar Hang