The June 2016 Monkey Bar Gym Power Wheel Crawl Challenge is Nearing the Quarter Mile Mark


If you have been crawling the needed 60 yards daily to finish the one mile challenge by the end of the month (you have been crawling, correct?), you will be approaching the quarter mile mark by the end of this week. You will have also noticed the distance becoming a little easier to complete. Your core, balance and overall conditioning are improving. Your neighbors are getting used to seeing you take your wheel for a walk and the neighborhood dogs aren’t barking at you as much either. One thing you might notice that isn’t as much fun is the skin on your hands is taking a beating. 


Quarter Mile For Power Wheel Challenge

Power Wheel Crawl Quarter Mile MBG News


I found my hands to be in pretty rough shape from doing the required daily distance, so I asked Olivia Robinson, (rockstar trainer and CNT Elite at the Monkey Bar Gym – Madison), for advice. She is the current world record holder in the Power Wheel Crawl. She has completed 303 yards non-stop – that’s no joke considering most fit people find 100 yards to be a very strong target.  Here are Olivia’s thoughts on hand care:

First things first – wrist care! Most people suffer from sore wrists when doing Power Wheel crawls. Adults don’t often support themselves on their hands so their wrists are both weak and tight. Do wrist 60s before and after crawling (actually, do them everyday regardless – they are GREAT for people who type or play video games for long periods of time!). Wrist 60s both ease overall tightness and strengthen the wrist muscles. Check out this video with Jess Hinds talking about 60s for wrist strength:  

If you are crawling outside, wear gloves. Whether you are crawling on concrete or grass, gloves can be your best friend. Rocks, hot blacktop and thistles are not your friends! If you have no gloves, get some athletic tape; tape the palms of your hands so that you can avoid any blisters or scrapes!

Speaking of scrapes, pick your hands up instead of semi-sliding them along the ground. It gets really easy to “shuffle” a bit, but you will pay for it with painful scrapes that will make crawling less fun.

Try to place each hand softly. Slapping your hands down, especially on concrete, will lead to unnecessary bruising. While not life threatening, bruises just plain hurt.

If you have already acquired blisters since starting the challenge: keep the blisters clean, put a little coconut oil on them frequently and allow them to breathe. This will allow them to  heal quickly and start to callous over. Continue wearing gloves or tape when you crawl.

Next milestone – 1/2 mile!