Can you complete a 100 yard Power Wheel crawl? Can you crawl while wearing a weight vest? Jon Hinds can … and he can pull a one ton car doing a Power Wheel crawl. Check out the video:

Think about the difficulty involved. Your feet are locked into an unstable surface that moves not only backward and forward, but also side to side. Your body is in an extended plank position and your hands are the only connection with the ground. All the large pushing/pulling muscles of your legs and hips are pretty much unable to help. Virtually all the power and strength to pull the car is centered in your shoulders, traps and triceps. Being able to keep a moving one ton car going forward in this position is impressive, but having the strength to get the car to start moving is amazing.

The Power Wheel is one of Jon Hinds inventions and it has been rated one of the best core workout devices created. It’s such a great tool and provides so much benefit that is receives it’s own training chapter in the Certified Natural Trainer Course.

Women: step up and give this a try! I would love to see the current PW crawl record holder Olivia give this challenge a go. She is much lighter than Jon so I have no idea if this would be viable, but it would be an awesome effort.

This was Jon’s fourth challenge of the push/pull series. Take a look at our blog for the other three amazing challenges – including Jon pushing a car doing a Power Wheel crawl

We want to see other people’s videos of this challenge! Make sure you have someone to stop the car if you get it rolling. Thank you Mikell for stopping the car so Jon didn’t get run over! If you are game, submit a video link to the comment section below.