“I’m going to push my car while doing a Power Wheel Crawl”

When Jon said he was going to push a car during a Power Wheel Crawl, I had my doubts. I really could not imagine doing that. If any of you are doing this month’s One Mile Power Wheel Crawl challenge (if you are not, you are missing out on developing some serious core stability and strength), you know the level of power and toughness required to do the regular 100 yard PW Crawl.¬† Adding distance, a hill or a weight are ways to increase the difficulty of this movement. I’ve seen several people doing those things to make it harder. Much harder. But I’ve never seen anyone push a car in this unstable plank position for increased resistance. The level of brute shoulder, neck and core strength and body stability is hard to imagine. Jon did it and made it look pretty easy!

Check it out:

This was Jon’s second push/pull challenge of the day. (The first was Jon pushing a car while walking on his hands: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIp0lcXHqeA). Wait until you see the other incredible feats he did – we will be releasing a new video every day for the next four days. The Monkey Bar Gym has created a good number of beastmode trainers (both men and women), who I anticipate will confront this challenge head-on to see how they measure up.

We would love to see other people’s videos of this challenge! If you are game, submit¬† video link to the comment section below.

I hope Jon didn’t leave a dent in the hatch!