Body Power (Strength Training)

Possessing power and strength makes life easier and more fun.

  • Imagine having the explosive power to dunk a basketball
  • Having the strength to do pullups, muscleups and walk on your hands
  • Being able to push your car out of a snowbank or to the gas station

We give you the tools at the Monkey Bar Gym to accomplish these things.

Each Body Power class centers around functional strength and power training. We are different from other gyms since we start you from where you are today. We don’t crush you during a workout; we have you work at a level that challenges you properly. Each person starts each exercise of the workout at either the stability (beginner), strength (intermediate) or power (advanced) level. You receive a tremendous workout that matches your current ability and moves you forward.

Strength training not only makes you stronger but it increases your resting metabolic rate so you burn more calories just because you have more muscle. Training for strength also builds bone density, slows down muscle loss and helps control blood sugar. Best of all – strength training is fun. It’s a true feeling of accomplishment when you become strong enough to achieve your first pullup. Yes, we have many women doing pullups. An 86 year oldĀ  grandmother recently did a pullup at the Monkey Bar Gym!




Each class begins with a dynamic and fun warmup. After the warmup, you will be training both weighted and bodyweight exercises in carefully crafted, proven routines. Gymnastic movements including pushups, handstands, pullups and rope climbing. These will become second nature to you. When you are strong enough to do these exercises without struggle, we add weight vests or different movements so you will become more powerful. You will also train with kettlebells or D-balls doing cleans, swings, presses and snatches. The strength and power for high levels of performance for life and sports will be yours.

You will also learn how to do more advanced movements like walking on your hands and ring/bar muscleups. Jon Hinds, founder of the Monkey Bar Gym, has progressions for these exercises that have worked for countless people. Not only are these exercises great for building your strength and power levels, but they are downright cool too!



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