Stretching: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

You should always stretch before you exercise, right? This is a pretty common thought that has been repeated ad nauseam for ages. But there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

✔   How does your mindset and posture impact your body and why stacking stretching is not the answer.

✔  What is the difference between static and active stretching?

✔   How can static stretching create more issues and injuries?

✔   What are active versions of the 5 most common static stretches for hamstrings, shoulder, groin, quad and calf?

✔   How should you add active stretching into your training program?

0:25 Why People Do Static Stretching

  • Jon’s History
  • Jessica explaining why people static stretch
2:43 Studies Show Static Stretching is not Functional
  • Hyper-mobility
  • Overstretching
  • Unstable Joints
5:25 How Posture Relates to Active Alignment
  • Jessica explains how the body should be stacked
  • Two Body Types

7:30 Why Our Body Gets Misaligned

  • mental causes
  • physical causes
  • Fashion causes

9:49 Jon explains Roger Eichen’s thoughts on healing the body

  • “Don’t need to know why, just need to fix it.”

11:54 Yoga and stretching

  • Active Vs Static Yoga

15:07 Difference between Active and Static Stretching

  • Static Stretching Example
  • Active Stretching Example
  • Definition of Reciprocal Inhibition

18:23 Hamstrings Example

21:40 Active Vs Static in a Pose
21:50 Supine Bridge Example
  • Basic Bridge pose vs Active Bridge

24:05 Runners Pose Example

26:13 Upper Body Examples
29:25 What to do for Lower Back Pain
30:16 Prone Mountain Example
  • What people commonly do
  • How to properly become active in prone mountain
  • How you will feel after the pose

33:37 Suggestions on how to get started using active poses

34:45 Jon’s Favorite Pose
36:38 Jessica’s Favorite Pose
39:38 Member Q & A: How long should we hold the poses for?