Welcome to the MBG Online!

To get access right away just go to your Member Dashboard!  This is the central hub where you can navigate to the workouts, videos, and other resources.

Below is some of the information that you will need right away that will go over the basics of the program.

The Monthly Cycle

Every month MBG and all of its affiliates follow a 4-week cycle. This cycle is composed of four strength routines (e.g. S1, S2…) and four conditioning routines (e.g. C1, C2…). Strength training is done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Conditioning training is on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays.

During the cycle, each workout will repeat 3-4 times (depending on the length of the month). This is done so that you can see your improvement each and every week. The first time you are completing a routine you are setting your baseline. When you repeat the routine you should be improving on the metric for that day; whether it’s time completed, number of reps, weight used etc.

Most of our online members follow along with this schedule and will do the workouts on the same day as our brick and mortar locations. This will give you a great mix of overall workout categories including strength, conditioning, power, hypertrophy, endurance, etc.

If your schedule is different it is OK to train on different days then the schedule.  You may find that strength training on Tu, Th, Sat works best for you.

The Workouts

There are two broad categories of workout types, each with four subtypes. The Monthly Cycle will usually have one of each subtype to give an overall mix of fitness.

  • Strength
    • Pure Strength
    • Pure Power
    • Metabolic
    • Hypertrophy
  • Conditioning
    • Stamina
    • Endurance
    • Speed
    • Obstacle

Every workout will have:

  • Video explanation
  • Written description
  • Exercise videos

It is always best to watch the video explanation first which will give you a detailed overview of how the workout is structured, how to approach it and other details that are tougher to understand in written form.

The written explanation will cover the main points from the video with some additional details. There will be a suggested warm-up, details on the workout format, the sets/reps scheme, the exercises (with progressions for each level), and finisher. The finisher…AKA the “buyout” is the suggested way to end the workout (extra push ups and chin ups, or core exercises and/or BASE cooldown).

The Levels

All workouts and exercises will have progressions (3 levels) specifically made for your current ability. It is strongly recommended to start with the Fitness Assessment that aligns with your goals so that you know exactly where you are at.

The 3 level are Stability, Strength, and Power.

  • Stability: This is for those that are new to training, older, overweight, or coming off injury. You are learning the movements, developing technique and safe motor patterns. Concentrate on form and range of motion. Don’t worry about speed or weight quite yet.
    • If you cannot do a pullup from a dead hang then you are considered Stability level.
  • Strength: This is for intermediates who have a few months to years of training experience and those wanting a greater challenge. You have learned the movements the body has adapted to the stresses of exercise. Your body has a strong foundation of strength and stability through full range of motion. Technique has been established and you can start pushing yourself harder.
    • If you can do more than 1 pullup from a dead hang then you are considered Strength level.
  • Power: This is for advanced athletes that have a few years of intense training experience.  Technique and form have become automatic and the body has acclimated to higher levels of intensity.
    • IF you can do 10 or more pullups, handstands or extended experience with kettlebells you are considered power level.

Everything you need to know to do the workout will be in the videos and a written description, but if you ever need any clarification or have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. The private Facebook group is a great place to ask questions, or directly on the workout page comment section.

BASE – Building Alignment Stability and Extension

Restoration is the second component of the MBG3 Philosophy. Training your body to improve its alignment, mobility, and stability is as much a part of healthy, resilient body as hard workouts.

At the Monkey Bar Gym we want to be able to run, jump, climb and crawl for the rest of our lives. A huge part of that is being able to properly heal the body and prevent future injuries.  Not only that but proper alignment in the body will create improvement in performance.

BASE incorporates yoga poses, strength movements, and brachiation(hanging/climbing) with the element of time to establish greater range of motion in people who are lacking it and stability in people who are overly mobile. You will often find some of these poses and movements in the warm-ups and finishers in the workouts.

You will also find full sequences in the BASE/Yoga section of the member area. These are all great to do on your non-workout days as active recovery or even in addition to your workouts each day. The low intensity and healing properties of these sequences will not interfere with the workouts, even when performed on the same day.


Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Unfortunately, too many fitness enthusiasts and their trainers are caught in a vicious cycle of overeating, dieting and/or attempting to eat healthier with little real success, and relying on age, genetics and exercise to maintain their weight. The Standard American Diet (SAD) weight loss only diets and the majority of the “healthier” diets are nutrient-poor and sell people short of what is healthy and does not deliver the benefits that people want.

Our approach to eating is simple: eat when you’re hungry, eat until satisfied and drink plenty of water. Monkey Bar Gym promotes a whole food plant-based diet for healthy people and a healthy planet. By embracing plant-based nutrition, you will get leaner & healthier and reduce impact on the planet.

What does Plant-Based Nutrition mean? This simply means the majority (80-90%) of your nutrition is from plant sources but the remainder can be from any other source, like meat or processed foods. This method of eating not only ensures that you are eating optimally, but it allows for freedom. This sense of freedom releases the word “diet” and makes eating for your own personal health and the health of the planet much more achievable

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just maintain a plant-based diet will ensure that you have plenty of energy for training and whatever life throws at you.