Monkey Bar Gym Training Programs

Jon Hinds, Founder of MBG and NBA, NFL and celebrity Strength & Conditioning coach

The training programs at the Monkey Bar Gym are crafted to reap the highest levels of health, happiness and fitness for each individual. Over 30 years of proven results go into each program. We help you on your path to achieve your goals.

We start from where you are today. Not by crushing you in some workout but by having you do your workouts at a level that challenge you properly.

You will achieve your goals by starting you from the level where you are now and by us giving you the tools and expertise to improve each and every training session.

The Levels

People who are injured, older, lacking range of motion, strength or are overweight start at the Stability Level aka beginner level. We say stability level as many people are not beginners to fitness. You might want to gradually get back into fitness or you might be an overweight ex-athlete. You might have some aches, pains, injuries or simply may not move well. Stability level is where you will start.

Stability level students then strive to achieve the Strength Level aka intermediate level. Strength Level is for those students who are moderately fit. You can do pullups, squats, push ups and you have the basic, pain-free range of motion for most movements. You have weight training and conditioning skills as you have been training consistently for 3-6 months. As a Strength level student, you will have a strong foundation in kettlebell and d-ball lifts (cleans, presses and snatches) as well as have solid running and jump rope technique.

Power Level aka Advanced level is for MBG veterans. You will have been training hard for a year and know how to balance the alignment to keep aches and pains to minimums using the Eischens and BASE Yoga programs. You can do advanced bodyweight training movements such as handstand walking and muscle ups.  In addition, you have high levels skill and strength using kettlebells and d-balls for different lifts. You can run and jump without worry of causing injury.

The Training Programs

There is constant adaptation and variety in the training programs. Each month both the online and on-site students follow a brand new series of training sessions. Strength (Body Power) and Conditioning (Boot Camp) sessions are balanced on alternating days and throughout the month to constantly challenge you to adapt to new heights. Jon Hinds creates all the training programs – you don’t need to guess what to do each day. Jon has over 36 years of program design as a NBA, NFL and celebrity Strength & Conditioning coach. YOU can take these training sessions, start at your level, follow your path of classes to get the results you want! 

“Power is Proximity to Power”

Training at the Monkey Bar Gym is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their life. As Tony Robbins told Jon a few years back (Jon was Tony’s personal fitness advisor), “Power is proximity to Power”. True healthy in a strong, balanced non-ego based manner – do you want it? Surround yourself with other like minded healthy, strong people.  Jon says today: “Strength is proximity to strength and health & happiness is proximity to health & happiness”. This is what the Monkey Bar Gym is all about!

~Jon Hinds