What Makes You Say “WTF” in the Fitness Industry

We recently asked everyone on our newsletter what makes them say “WTF?!” in the fitness industry.  Today we covered a few of the best answers.


  • [0:00] WTF is up with Body Mass Index (BMI)?!
    • Why and how it was invented
    • Jon Hinds is obese?
    • A better alternative
  • [2:50] WTF is up with the obsession with protein powder?!
    • When and how did protein powder even come from?
    • Bodybuilding culture changed the game
    • How “supplement” became “replacement”
    • Do you really need that much protein?
  • [8:20] WTF is up with the reputation that chocolate milk is the perfect post-workout food?!
    • Dairy industry keeping their foot in the door
    • The correlation between milk intake and disease
    • This huge population is has a very high rate of lactose intolerance
    • Athletes getting forced to drink milk despite issues
    • It’s all about the money
  • [12:50] WTF is up with people doing stupid s*** on bosu balls?!
    • Most people can’t even align properly on a stable surface
    • Does unstable surface training have any benefit?
  • [15:50] WTF is up with trainers crushing people with metabolic workouts when they are already stressed and beat up!?
    • Where the “all meta all the time” mentality evolved from
    • How are some of these “athletes” people even recovering from this?
    • The “work, rest, work, rest” steps analogy
    • You need to know what your actual objective is
    • How did the old-time strongmen, Olympic competitors, and Jon with his athletes train?
    • Does meta workouts have a place in training regiment?
  • [23:28] WTF is up with the AFAA and other fitness groups with ads/photos of women holding light weights, weak arms and shoulders, and lacking muscles and physique?
    • The 1980s trap of women using pink dumbells
    • The disconnect with their audience
    • Women want to be strong just like men
    • The strength of women (especially at MBG)
  • [29:00] WTF is up with physical therapists prescribing static stretches?
    • “Well, this is what we’ve always done….”
    • No animal on the planet static stretches except for humans
    • We don’t have the guts to seek out the people to really delve into it and figure it out
    • Active alignment vs static stretching