Eischens Yoga

If you have any aches and pains in your body or you simply feel heavy, then Eischens Yoga is perfect for you.

Here are some points to think on;

  • Can you move throughout your day without neck, shoulder and back pain?
  • Can you tie your shoes easily without struggling to reach your laces?
  • Can you lift grocery bags without worry of pulling a muscle?
  • Can you play any of your favorite sports or activities without fear of aches or pains?

IF you answered NO to any or all of the above questions, then Eischens Yoga can turn your life from Pains to Gains, from Aches to Awesome!!

Why is this? Eischens Yoga (pronounced Eye – Shins) activates the weak parts of our body so that those muscles groups that are not balanced around a joint CAN become balanced. EY actively balances our muscles throughout the body and thus improves alignment, decreases tight/weak muscles, enhances the function of muscles and significantly improves overall health, balance, and energy!!

The difference between static stretching and active is very very big.

NO animal on the planet does static stretching…so why do so many humans do it? It’s un-natural, our body fights it and it does not lead to balance in the body. Active Alignment, on the other hand, is natural, our body loves it, and it does lead to a balanced body!! This is a crucial point because it avails itself to everyone, regardless of your flexibility or fitness level.

Eischens Yoga works by activating the weak links in the body through verbal cues and/or partner feedback. 

This cannot be achieved by the static stretching done by most people. Let me repeat this again…ONLY humans do static stretching!! No other species on the planet does…all others do active alignment movements periodically throughout the day!

Practicing daily or even a few times a week you will actively bring balance and health to your body and thus your mind. 

If you suffer pain, have a nagging injury, or lack range of motion, this is the class / program for you.

  • At any Monkey Bar Gym you can take Eischens Yoga classes
  • Online MBG you can do our Eischens Yoga beginner, partner feedback or Warrior sequences available to you daily.

This active alignment-based style of yoga is named after the late Roger Eischens who founded this very unique and powerful style of yoga. Roger used his style of then called High Energy Yoga (now named Eischens Yoga in memory and honor of Roger)  to address muscle imbalances that caused injuries. By stimulating muscle groups that are not working, Eischens Yoga releases tight muscles that are working too hard. The power of this practice is amazing. Here is an quote from Jon Hinds:

“In my 36 years of training athletes and celebrities nothing comes close to healing aches and pains of the body like Eischens Yoga. In 1997 I moved back to Madison WI from Los Angeles. I was a physical mess. I had devastating knee and back pain that completely crushed my ability to run, jump or do any dynamic movements. I thought it was my life’s design to not be able to move freely again despite doing all types of therapies including chiropractic, physical therapy, soft tissue and more.

Fortunately, I met Roger Eischens. Roger taught me his secret techniques to healing and re-balancing the body. What I learned blew my mind! I was an NBA Strength Coach and a Head Instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine and I thought I knew my stuff. I could not fix myself despite my years of training. I worked with Roger doing his brand of yoga for only two minutes and I was 80% better!  I was able to walk, run, jump again immediately with very little pain. This convinced me to jump in with both feet as I realized this is the most effective system for healing broken bodies. This is the ONLY alignment training we teach at the Monkey Bar Gym and we use EY as the foundation of all our movement training as well.”