Summer Sports Training Program

June 18th – August 24th | Madison, WI

Add 8″+ to your vertical jump and 10″+ to your broad jump in just 10 weeks!

Do you want to improve your vertical, strength and conditioning for your sport this summer? The monkey bar gym is the place to do it with former NBA strength coach and jump training expert Jon Hinds. Jon has trained over 24 NBA All Stars, has taken multiple players verticals (high school, college, and pro) from low 20 inch verticals to high 30”s and even into the 40-inch vertical range including his own from 25” to an amazing 47”!

Build full body strength and power to dominate your sport.

Jon’s results are the tops in the country averaging 8” vertical and 10” on broad jumps in just 10 weeks!!! On top of this, all kids will greatly improve strength, conditioning, and confidence like never before!

  • Shuttle Run
  • Full Body Strength
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Body Fat %

This is a 10-week program for two different age groups, Middle School and High School.


10-week program, 3 days/week

June 18th – August 24th

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